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"Dr. Morton and her team have had a very positive impact on not only our daughter, but our entire family. My daughter's autism diagnosis was given with careful consideration and observation. Dr. Morton was thorough, considerate, understanding, and truly listened to our family and our daughter.

When Dr. Morton gave us (her) diagnosis at our feedback appointment, she also gave us valuable information, resources, recommendations for accommodations at both home and school, guided us towards services for our daughter that we would've never known about, but most importantly, provided a safe, secure place of mental health care in which my daughter always feels welcome.  Dr. Morton helped our family understand her diagnosis and how we can better help her.   That means everything to us.

Olivia is (her) ABA therapist and we couldn't be more pleased. She is thorough, understanding, creative, and goes above and beyond to help (her) make progress towards her goals that will improve her quality of life.

BrainPower offers knowledge, patience, empathy, understanding, resources, guidance, and HOPE!!!

                                                 ~Stephanie, 07/27/2018



"When E. was first diagnosed with autism our family did not know where to go . The resources in our small rural community were very limited. We found the answers and help we needed at BrainPower.

The facility is awesome.  We found a wonderful group of specialized trained therapists who were also caring and compassionate.  In addition to the individual plan to help E. meet her full potential, they offered us hope.  Hope for E.'s future.  What a blessing!


We are most grateful and highly recommend BrainPower to all who have children with special needs."

                                ~K. E., 08/09/2018 

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