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Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups are designed to help children develop social, communication, problem solving, and school readiness skills using an evidence-based intervention. Social skills groups offer an opportunity for individuals to practice their social skills with each other and/or typical peers on a regular basis.

BrainPower's social skills groups help children who:

  • have trouble staying focused in school

  • have communication challenges

  • don’t follow directions at home or at school

  • have trouble thinking before acting

  • complain about not having friends or having trouble making friends

  • don’t respond well to social cues

  • experience difficulty with tolerating frustration and being flexible when things don’t go their way

Our social skills groups help children build social skills as well as coping skills for anger and emotion control and regulation. Children also learn strategies to stay focused, follow directions and make new friends through games, role-plays, arts and crafts, and other fun activities.

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