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Kaitlyn Drennan, LCSW

Education and Training

Katie received her Bacherlor’s of Social Work degree from the University of Southern Indiana in 2018. She completed her internships at Patchwork Central and the Evansville State Hospital, where she utilized several art-based approaches and learned about various group therapies. She went on to receive her master’s degree at USI in 2020, where she was a Graduate Assistant and completed her clinical internship at BrainPower. Katie is currently a licensed clinical social worker at BrainPower.

Awards and Certifications

  • ADOS-2 Certified

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

  • Currently in a training course to become a certified PCIT therapist.

  • Trained as a testing technician for psychological evaluations at BrainPower

Areas of Interest

"I am a creative, hands-on, interactive, and an adventurous type of person; thus, that’s how I see myself being as a therapist. I want to make my space safe and as welcoming for any and all whom I will encounter and individualize my interventions in order to best serve those with whom I am working. I utilize a strength-based and solution-focused approach to therapy, while including art and play- based techniques to better assist my clients through their treatment. I am extremely passionate about advocating for and working with children and adolescents of all abilities. I am most passionate about working with our youngest population of clients, as well as adolescents, who are diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, intellectual or developmental disabilities, Generalized or Social Anxiety Disorders, and/or Depressive Disorders. I began working at BrainPower in the ABA department and became a Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT). Therefore, I am also passionate about serving clients with behavioral challenges, in which I enjoy incorporating reinforcement schedules, such as Token Boards, while also finding the client’s preferred reinforcers. I also utilize these approaches when doing behavioral parent trainings with the parents of my clients. In addition to behavioral parent trainings, I am interested in helping children and their parents or caregivers to strengthen their relationships through PCIT."

Services Offered

  • Therapy

  • Testing

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